The Super Generation help young people learn and lead more effectively.

Equipping teachers to deliver learning
and study skills to Junior Cycle students.

Study skills seminars
which help young people to
achieve their potential.

Results Focused, Purpose Driver
Time Management Tool.

Practical guidance on how parents
can support their children in
secondary school.

Helping Students move from
Understanding to Remembering

Seminars designed to cultivate
a success mindset in young people.

Study Skills and Youth Leadership Workshops and Seminars

The Super Generation helps students, educators and the wider community to achieve their potential in learning and leadership. This is achieved by delivering edgy, dynamic and fun study skills workshops and leadership seminars with supporting tools which engage all learners. We embed effective study skills techniques in the learner, ensuring they have the tools, strategies and mindset to succeed.

Study and Learning Skills Workshops for Students

If you are looking to improve your students’ study and learning skills – The Super Generation can help. We provide study and learning skills workshops and seminars for students throughout Ireland. Find your favourite study and learning skills workshop.

Continuous Professional Development for Teachers - Seminars, Workshops and Train the Trainer for Teachers

Are you looking to organise CPD seminars and workshops for teachers? The Super Generation has a number of CPD seminars and Training workshops for Teachers which assist teachers in embedding learning in their students and improving their wellbeing.

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Follow your own path.....

Jay Shetty
Everyone has a different clock. Wait for your time
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The Super Generation

Learning all about grit and resilience on our second day of teacher training on our Ways to Well-Being programme. ... See MoreSee Less

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Students and teachers talk about the impact our study skills seminar had on their learning performance and the learning vibe it created within the school community. All our study skills programmes endeavour not just to teach skills but also ignite the attitude, belief and mind-set of success in all the learners.

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February 3, 2016

I learnt what stress was and how to cope with it.

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Our Products Supporting Our Methodology

Ways to Well-Being

The Ways to Well-Being workbook is designed to help 15-18 year olds explore how to maintain their own sense of well-being.

Study Journal

Results Focused, Purpose Driver, Time Management Tool.

Help Me Study now

An online programme that will make your study easier.

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The Examcraft Group
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